Our vision is to lead the visual revolution of AR by integrating our innovative and immersive holographic display technology into every consumer device.


VividQ is powering the display revolution with Computer-Generated Holography. Our software and IP enables realistic and immersive visual experiences on next-generation gaming wearables.

Holography is no longer just science fiction. VividQ’s products enable our customers to integrate true holographic display into Augmented Reality (AR) Wearables, Automotive Head-Up Displays (HUDs) and Consumer Electronics. For the first time, Computer-Generated Holography is available as a viable commercial display solution.

VividQ’s extensive R&D has led to cutting-edge developments that achieve the highest image quality and lowest power requirements in real-time Computer-Generated Holography. Our products are used by global technology companies at different stages of their device development process.





Leadership Team

Our team’s perspectives and skills are combined in the core vision to bring 3D imaging and advanced holographic display to the market.

They have been recognised by scientific, technology and business communities and regularly contribute to industry conferences and events.

Darran Milne
Co-founder and CEO

Darran Milne is a Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at VividQ. As CEO, he heads the company’s technical and commercial strategies, developing VividQ’s software and IP to bring true holographic display to the market. He was responsible for directing VividQ’s original research and development efforts, and initiated the first partner collaborations.

As a mathematician and theoretical physicist by training, Darran has experience in the academic and commercial world. As a leading analyst at a financial software company, he led new development initiatives and managed client implementation projects. His extensive experience in commercialising software products has been key to VividQ’s rapid growth.

Darran holds a PhD in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Optics from the University of St Andrews and the Max Planck Institute.

Aleksandra Pedraszewska
Co-founder and COO

Aleksandra Pedraszewska is a Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at VividQ. As COO, Aleksandra leads VividQ’s sales and marketing efforts and manages day-to-day financial, legal and operational activities. She focuses on bringing VividQ’s software and IP to the market with pioneering technology companies, and on maintaining investor relations.

Before joining VividQ’s founding team, she gained professional experience at Rolls-Royce, HBO, and an investment fund IdeaLab Ventures.

She was named as a Forbes ‘30 under 30’ in the Technology Europe category, listed in the ‘25 under 25’ ranking by Tech London Advocates and won the Women in Technology World Series “Rising Star” award in 2019.

Aleksandra is a certified project manager and a graduate of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski
Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Andrzej Kaczorowski is a Co-founder and Chief Scientist at VividQ. His near decade of research in the field of holography laid the foundations of VividQ’s innovation. He holds an interdisciplinary scientific background. He earned a PhD and MRes in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and a BSc in Physics and Computer Science from King’s College London.

Starting VividQ out of his PhD, Andrzej led the proof of concept work, resulting in the design of VividQ’s first core patented algorithm.

Andrzej established and now leads a multidisciplinary research team on a mission to generate concepts and prototypes, bringing true holographic display to next-generation display devices. As an author of over 10 publications and patents, Andrzej frequently speaks at renowned conferences such as SPIE AR|VR|MR, SPIE Photonics West and Display Week.

Tom Durrant
Co-founder and CTO

Tom Durrant is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at VividQ. He leads product development and delivery at VividQ, with the aim of bringing true holographic display to ubiquitous commercial and enterprise applications. He also oversees the software and hardware teams that follow agile practices, facilitating the integration of innovations generated at VividQ into well-engineered products.

Tom’s technical expertise in real-time hologram generation procedures ranges from low-level algorithm development to architecture and data pipelines.

He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge with a Masters in Mathematics, and Foundations of Computer Science with Distinction from the University of Oxford. He also has development experience from Roke Manor Research and HP Autonomy, and has been a supervisor of computational projects at the University of Cambridge.

Commercial and Technical Team Leads

Our team’s extensive experience covers both the academic and business worlds. They are leading their respective teams in the aim to bring holography into the mainstream.

This is through combining over 30 years experience in groundbreaking holographic display research, acute business acumen and strong industry networks as part of the alumni groups of Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Dr SJ Senanayake
Co-founder and Head of External Development

SJ holds a Masters in Engineering specialising in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, the latter of which was focused on holography and fibre optic sensing.

From this technical knowledge and his experience leading the Business Inclusive Lab, SJ manages VividQ’s product offerings with a highly technical and business benefit approach.

Dr Roman Pechhacker
Co-founder and Head of Internal Development

Roman holds a doctorate in physics and astronomy. Alongside his extensive experience in computation and simulation, Roman has published four academic publications and holds a PhD on solar plasma wave generation and absorption.

He applies his interest in Machine Learning, High Performance Computing and Algorithms to projects he leads at VividQ. With extensive software experience, he brings a deep technical understanding when leading the software team, essential when bringing deep tech to real-world applications.

Anna-Louise Edwards
Head of People and Talent

​​Anna-Louise started her career as a developer and is now an accomplished ‘People’ executive with over 15 years of HR experience across biotech, fintech and deep tech sectors.  She enjoys working with dynamic, fast-paced companies and has vast experience providing comprehensive HR and L&D support to employees and business partnering with senior leaders. Anna-Louise is also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Alfred Newman
Head of Research

Alfred is Head of Research at VividQ, delivering innovations in holographic display that set a new standard for image quality, resolution, brightness and compactness. He has over a decade of experience in finding practical ways to deploy emerging photonics techniques, having joined VividQ from Cambridge Consultants where he led the Applied Science capability, specialising in the miniaturisation and manufacture of advanced optical sensing systems for consumer, industrial and medical applications. Alfred holds a Masters in Astrophysics from the University of Cambridge, his Master’s thesis on wavefront sensing for adaptive optical systems being awarded the highest mark in his year.


KPMG Best British Tech Pioneer 2020

Alibaba Jumpstarter Finalist | Top Innovative Start Up | Audience Favourite

WebSummit 2018 Top 100 Most Hyped Start-Ups

TechTour Best Digital Company Winner 2020

Pitch@Palace 2020 Winner