We are powering the display revolution

with Computer-Generated Holography.

We are

transforming how we view, interact and connect with the world around us.

VividQ’s software and IP brings realistic and immersive visual experiences to next-generation digital displays.

We power

the holographic display of the future, today.

Our products enable the integration of holographic display into Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), Head-Up Displays (HUDs), and Consumer Electronics.


VividQ’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and IP Solutions provide all the tools needed to build, run and optimise end-to-end holographic display systems.

Our products are used by global technology companies at all stages of their device development process.


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Our partner ecosystem unlocks the supply chain needed for the manufacture of holographic devices.

We bring together the essential providers of components, hardware and content to bring true holographic display to consumer and enterprise audiences.


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Holography is the Cadillac of display, everybody wants to go there.

Bernard Kress, Microsoft HoloLens


08 04 2021

Indistinguishable from Reality: Overcoming Key Challenges in Highly Realistic Holographic Display

CEO Darran Milne presented his thoughts on achieving highly realistic holographic display at the SPIE AR | VR | MR Digital Forum 2021.
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17 03 2021

VividQ Announces New C-Suite Structure

To support out big ambitions for growth in 2021 and beyond, VividQ is excited to announce changes to our management structure.
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23 02 2021

Things Have Changed Podcast

VividQ Co-Founder and COO Aleksandra Pedraszewska talks holography, display tech in consumer electronics and the future of AR.
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18 12 2020

SPIE Fireside Chat: Computer-Generated Holography and Next-Generation AR Display

CEO Darran Milne presented at the SPIE Fireside Chat, on invitation from Bernard Kress, Microsoft and Christophe Peroz, ex-Magic Leap.
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26 01 2021

The Future of Virtual Production and Filmmaking with Holographic Display

VividQ explores how computer-generated holography offers an exciting new way of approaching filmmaking in the future.
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20 10 2020

Arm Shares The Magic (and Science) behind Mobile Holographic Display with VividQ

The new blog by Arm discusses a major technical milestone achieved with VividQ.
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