VividQ Announces New C-Suite Structure

17 March 2021

At VividQ, we are committed to reshaping the future of display technology. To support our big ambitions for growth for 2021 and beyond, we are excited to announce new structural changes to our C-Suite and management structure:

Tom Durrant, Chief Technology Officer – Tom moves from Chief Development Officer to CTO. He will continue to oversee product development and delivery, and steer the development team towards innovative, agile practices. Tom will now have oversight over all of VividQ’s technical teams, with the view to incorporate more of VividQ’s R&D expertise into ongoing commercial projects.

Andrzej Kaczorowski, Chief Scientist – Andrzej moves from CTO to Chief Scientist. Andrzej continues to drive scientific-focused endeavours at VividQ and act as a technical advisor across the company. He will lead a multidisciplinary research team committed to generating new concepts and prototypes for holographic display and be responsible for furthering VividQ’s academic collaborations.

VividQ was founded out of the University of Cambridge in 2017. Since then, we have been proud to see our company grow from a small, core team to an energetic group of over 30+ engineers, developers, scientists and commercial minds. VividQ’s team members sign in to work every day committed to leading and accelerating the display technology ecosystem. As we continue to work remotely, our new structure ensures our teams continue to communicate effectively and deliver exciting new projects of a high standard.

Research and development has always been an essential part of VividQ’s strategy. From writing academic papers, supporting PhD projects and attending technical conferences, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and developing world-class software and IP for true holographic display.

To learn more about our management team and computer-generated holography, please email