VividQ and TruLife Optics Announce Partnership

16 March 2020

VividQ is pleased to announce we are partnering with TruLife Optics, a London-based Holographic Optical Elements (HOE) designer and manufacturer, in a major step forward to making holography a commercial reality.

For the first step of our new partnership, we will be collaborating on prototypes that show the future of display in the automotive and augmented reality (AR) industries, pushing towards the adoption of AR into everyday consumer devices.

Combining technology from TruLife Optics with VividQ’s computer-generated holography (CGH) means we can achieve a new generation of holographic AR devices, using the latest in miniturised optics hardware. Together with other major players in VividQ’s Partnership Ecosystem, we are one step closer to creating consumer-ready AR smartglasses that have excellent form factor and are suitable for mass adoption.

In the automotive sector, our partnership will accelerate the development of Head-Up Display (HUD) prototypes featuring full holographic experiences. Upcoming VividQ prototypes will feature sleek 3D holographic HUD systems and improved brightness to the driver, eliminating driver distraction.

Darran Milne, Co-founder and CEO at VividQ shared: “TruLife Optics’s high-yield optics are manufactured at low-cost, thanks to their effective production techniques which eliminate the issues usually faced by other complex optical element solutions manufacturers. This scalability, coupled with VividQ’s software solution, is the perfect combination to make consumer adoption of holographic displays a reality.”

To find out more about what the partnership means for holographic display, read more from our CEO Darran Milne here.