VividQ and Himax Technologies Announce Partnership

17 October 2019

VividQ is pleased to announce our partnership with Himax Technologies (NASDAQ: HIMX), a Taiwanese semiconductor solution provider. This latest addition to VividQ’s Partnership Ecosystem aims to create a complete solution for holographic display, enabling the integration of true holographic projections into a range of consumer applications.

Pivoting human interaction with emerging XR technologies, holography can be applied to automotive Head-Up Displays (HUDs), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets, and consumer electronics. Himax Technologies will provide the hardware component of holographic display systems powered by VividQ’s software, facilitating the mass adoption of holography. The creation of compact holographic consumer devices prevents viewers with comfortable and improved display options. The collaboration will see that image quality and viewer comfort are addressed by providing multiple planes of depth, offering superior brightness and vastly improving the quality and detail of the 3D display in AR consumer and automotive electronics.

Po King Li, VP of Marketing & Sales of Himax Display commented, “VividQ’s software platform for holographic display supports our plans to bring LCoS to a vast range of embedded projection systems, especially in the highly innovative East Asian market,” “Our partnership will soon bring high-quality, true-depth holographic display in front of consumers for the very first time.”

VividQ Co-founder and CEO Darran Milne said, “Himax plays a crucial role in VividQ’s mission to build an ecosystem of holographic technology providers and realise the future of immersive computing. Alongside market-leaders in compute platforms, LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) displays and optical design, we bring full-depth, high quality and scalable holographic solutions to the masses.”

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