VividQ and Compound Photonics Announce Partnership

31 January 2020

VividQ is pleased to announce Compound Photonics as part of our growing Partner Ecosystem. Compound Photonics is a leading provider of compact high-resolution microdisplays for Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

The partnership with Compound Photonics will aim to deliver an integrated solution for real 3D holographic display for AR devices, accelerating their adoption across a range of consumer applications. The news developed out of the need for both companies to present hardware and software solutions for holographic display, designed specifically for AR/MR applications.

CEO of Compound Photonics, Yiwan Wong, commented: “Compound Photonics has been actively developing our LCoS phase display solutions featuring small (3.015 μm) pixel pitch, up to 4+ million available pixels and the high-performance display drive to address 3D holographic display requirements. We see VividQ’s computational holography software as a key enabler to providing a complete solution for holographic AR/MR applications. We are extremely excited about this collaboration with VividQ which demonstrates to the industry the feasibility of a high-quality 3D holographic display system for future AR headsets.”

Co-founder and CEO Darran Milne said: “We are excited to work with Compound Photonics to accelerate the adoption of 3D holographic display. At VividQ we believe that the close integration of hardware and software across the AR ecosystem is necessary to deliver the best solutions to the market and in Compound Photonics we found a partner that shares this vision.”

In the first project of the new collaboration, we developed the first complete demonstrator of a holographic AR headset. The headset, constructed and powered by VividQ included a phase LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) microdisplay subsystem and integration support from Compound Photonics. Officially presented at the 2020 SPIE AR/VR/MR event in San Francisco, the headset allows for technology companies to examine the exceptional capabilities of real-time holographic display for their desired applications.

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