VividQ and Forth Dimension Displays Announce Partnership

4 February 2019

VividQ is pleased to announce our partnership with Forth Dimension Displays, a subsidiary of Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN). The company is a manufacturer of fast high-resolution Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs), a hardware component extensively used for holographic display technology.

VividQ software generates full colour 3D holographic images in real-time using phase modulation technology. Forth Dimension Displays produces SLMs based on ferroelectric LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) designed to offer phase modulation at speeds well below 1 ms.

Greg Truman, CEO of Forth Dimension Displays commented, “The key differentiator in [holographic] headsets is that Forth Dimension Display’s SLMs are used as phase modulators, not amplitude modulators. Computer-Generated Holography (CGH) relies on the SLM modulating the phase of incoming laser light and projecting diffracted light into the user’s eye. Unlike microdisplays using amplitude modulation, CGH shows true 3D natural vision-like overlay of imagery in AR headsets. Our 2048 x 1536 pixel QXGA SLM is a fast switching, all digital, high performance reflective SLM product designed for binary phase modulation. In real-time holography applications, Forth Dimension Displays’ Time Domain Imaging™ technology and CGH-specific image generation are successfully combined and delivered.”

Darran Milne, Co-founder of VividQ said, “VividQ’s engine for real-time 3D hologram generation finally allows CGH to break out of the lab to be used in consumer devices like mixed reality headsets or head-up displays. We are committed to becoming the software foundation that powers the first generation of true holographic 3D display devices.”

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