VividQ Showcases Optical Engine for High-Contrast, Full-Depth Holographic Display in AR Headsets at SID Display Week

The VividQ Alpha Optical Engine Demonstrator will Accelerate the Development of High-End AR Headsets by Device Manufacturers, for Gaming and Entertainment Applications.

San Jose, California, May 10, 2022. 8:00 AM: VividQ Limited (“VividQ” or “Company), a leading developer of software and hardware IP for 3D holographic display, unveiled their proprietary Alpha Optical Engine Demonstrator aimed at manufacturers of high-end Augmented Reality (AR) headsets. VividQ showcased this cutting-edge technology for the first time at the SID Display Week Conference held this week in San Jose, California.

The Alpha Optical Engine Demonstrator displays high-resolution 3D visuals (60 PPD) with excellent contrast and realistic focal depth by direct engineering of light in software, a process known as Computer-Generated Holography (CGH). VividQ has developed world-leading expertise in CGH, which is the only solution for high-performance AR display, allowing users to naturally focus on content across multiple depth planes. This addresses many shortcomings of today’s AR devices, allowing for easier interaction with AR content within arm’s reach, and prioritising user comfort by solving the notorious vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) that limits the adoption of AR wearables today.


As a plug-and-play benchtop solution, the Alpha Optical Engine Demonstrator provides a simple and cost-effective way for Product and R&D teams to evaluate CGH as a display solution for AR devices. The proprietary design uses a low-cost Texas Instruments’ Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) to produce high-resolution holographic projections with VividQ’s novel algorithms.

“This demonstrator has been specifically designed with high-performance AR applications, like gaming, in mind, where highly realistic visual experiences are paramount”, commented VividQ’s CEO Darran Milne. “The Alpha Optical Engine Demonstrator allows device manufacturers to test VividQ’s innovations in CGH against their AR display specifications and image quality requirements. It is the first step of the VividQ Alpha Program, which will provide access to our IP and expertise necessary to develop market-ready high-end AR devices with CGH display systems”.


Founded in 2017, the company has developed cutting-edge innovations for display applications of real-time Computer-Generated Holography. VividQ collaborates with device manufacturers from the US, Japan and China, integrating CGH into next-generation AR devices. The company has worked with display manufacturers like Himax Technologies and compute providers, such as Arm, to demonstrate the real-time generation of holograms from 3D data sources like Unity. Following last year’s $15M funding round, the company has made major advances in algorithms and optical design for high-quality AR display with real-time CGH.

“VividQ’s world-leading team of mathematicians, engineers, and software developers continue to push the technological envelope in AR display to match the requirements of the most demanding users of AR devices like gamers. The Alpha Optical Engine Demonstrator boasts the most advanced technology yet for three-dimensional holographic display for the AR market under development. I am very proud of our achievements so far and look forward to collaborating with Original Design and Equipment Manufacturers to deliver on the promise of AR and the Metaverse”, Milne concluded.


VividQ is showcasing its innovation during the Display Week Conference, hosted by the Society for Information Display. Interested companies can book the private showings of the demonstrator, which is available for licensing, by emailing


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