Software Development Intern

Cambridge UK

Deadline: 9th April 2021

Role Description

VividQ is establishing its reputation as a world leader in holographic software. This is entirely contingent on the vibrant community of engineers in our Cambridge office, who every day are tackling new coding tasks, optical challenges and research problems. We are looking for a keen and dynamic intern to help support the team and be part of our world-changing technological adventure.

As a software development intern, you will work with our expert team of developers to improve and maintain our codebase, helping you to improve you coding skills. You will also be able to carry out development and implement new features on your own.

  • Possible areas of work might include, but are not limited to:
  • Development of hologram generation framework;
  • Porting of the software to Linux;
  • Development of holographic content in Unity;
  • Unity and graphical pipeline integration;
  • Customer-facing holographic projector projects;
  • QA and quality measures for holograms; and
  • Integration with 3D cameras and SLAM software.

General responsibilities will include:

  • Working with developers and individually to produce new code;
  • Testing code and committing it into the codebase;
  • Working with the team to solve technical problems; and
  • Maintaining a high standard of code.

This is an exciting opportunity to shape the development of genuinely revolutionary display technology, and to be part of an innovative and enthusiastic business poised for dramatic growth.

The successful candidate is likely to:

  • Have a strong academic background;
  • Be part-way through, or recently have graduated with, a strong degree, most likely, but not necessarily, in a STEM subject;
  • Have strong problem-solving and analytical skills;
  • Show interest in software development;
  • Show interest in a relevant area, such as holography or VR/AR;
  • Demonstrate initiative and ability to work both independently and in a team; and
  • Possess excellent spoken and written communication skills.

There is no explicit requirement of coding experience, though this may be advantageous.

Company overview

VividQ is a deep tech company with world-leading expertise in computer-generated holography. Our software and IP powers the next-generation of augmented reality (AR) wearables, head-up displays (HUD) and consumer electronics. Learn more at

How to Apply?

To apply for this position, send your CV and a couple of sentences on why you think you are a good fit for the role to